Online Casinos: The New Way to Gamble?

Online Casinos: The New Way to Gamble?

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Online casinos now seem to pop like mold from the ground to the public; websites for gambling appear to be increasingly advertised on the Internet. But public perception is a little bit distorted. Because since 1996, there’s been legal gambling online and getting real money. Not in Germany, but in other parts of the world. Creating flat rates, high bandwidth, and a mobile Internet, you no longer need to download online casino software. You can dock directly from your browser through the HTML5 application. And there are many more benefits!

Online casinos: free access to games and slots

Online casinos offer various slot machines and jackpot slot machines as well as table games such as roulette, poker, blackjack and bacarat. Each game has a variety of variations in well-prepared software. Software table tennis games and good points about individual slot machines in bits and bytes: You can play games without real money. Just free. You need to sign up for casino pages, but there is no real money mania like Gameotheque or vending machine halls. Real-life crosiers should always bet only on live casino streams and a few jackpot slots that provide ping-pong through HD broadcasts.

Game addiction? It’s a big, open subject!

Game addiction is often very small, with individual automatic games at the Gameotheken, vending machine halls, bars or restaurants. Often the subject becomes completely confidential because no one is involved in taboos. They’re trying to lose their clients. Online casinos, however, use various technologies and cooperation to create concrete actions from simple words. For example, all online casinos licensed in the EU must work with clubs and auxiliary centers to prevent game addiction, new gamers must check their age, and make noticeable payments or payments. Game actions are automatically registered and inspected. Players can often lock themselves.

Payout ratio: much higher than offline!
Another advantage of open and legal gambling on the Internet is, overall, a very high rate of payment. If a casino is offered a maximum payment rate of 60-70 percent, it is usually over 95 percent in online casinos. The so-called Return to Player Value (RTP) averages 96 to 97 percent of large vendors. Average shows automatic games, jackpot slots, and table games. That is, automatic games usually offer up to 99% more of RTP!

Best Practices for Germany

The international gambling industry should model the policies of Germany and the rest of the European Union. Online casinos are not only persuading players with free games, bonuses, free spins and other discounts, but they also offer very transparent and high returns, and are trying to protect the players. If these characteristics can be defined in society’s laws and norms instead of bans or players’ social stigma, there will be less room for debate. And more taxes can be useful.

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