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Gothic art and architecture essay

Research paper; Padraic Walsh Gothic Architecture and Its Influence on the Renaissance It was during the Renaissance that studying art became important.

The first church to incorporate this new style was the St. The plan biographical background check equal emphasis on both the east and west ends, including a complex west facade.

This church was later destroyed but the westwork was to be repeated in many Carolingian churches and passed on to Ottonian and Romanesque architecture.

gothic art and architecture essay

The oldest standing example today of this style is the Corvey Abbey built in the late 9th century. This gatehouse, built aroundstands today in perfect condition.

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And though it is small in comparison to the and other buildings at the time, it remains the oldest monument of the Carolingian era. Figure 4 — The Gloucester Cathedral in England. The Romanesque era is where we see art dramatic change in architectural style as well as an essay in the amount of architecture that takes place.

Although churches remain the gothic one built structure in the time, we do see a large increase in the number of castles being built.

gothic art and architecture essay

There are many characteristics of Romanesque architecture. New building ideas and techniques were introduced, such as stone vault ceilings, buttresses, semicircular arches as well as barrel, groin and ribbed vaults.

As new designs were added, the need for stronger supports systems resulted in massive double shelled walls, large piers and drum columns.

gothic art and architecture essay

From this we see a noticeable increase in the skill of the masons during this time as the stone work displays an obvious increase in precision and engineering. Much of the architecture in the Romanesque era evolved into Gothic architecture.

gothic art and architecture essay

The Gothic era ran from the 12th century into the 16th century. The main characteristics of Gothic architecture are the pointed ribbed vaults and arches, flying buttresses and, in place of solid walls, a cluster of columns.

gothic art and architecture essay

Due to the vertical emphasis of the design, the archways could be redesigned and stretched or pointed. With all the columns and personal statement vs study objectives in place, the structure took on a skeletal look.

This gave way to expanding the once small openings for windows to an expanse of window space providing plenty of light to the interior of the structure.

gothic art and architecture essay

This space was commonly filled with stained glass. From this, stained glass flourished as an art work to be an essential part of many of the churches in the medieval time.

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Castles are a huge part of Medieval times and started to grew in number and size during the Romanesque and Gothic eras. The castles were massive and built primarily for defensive purposes.

However, some were designed to convey messages of wealth, power and respect as well as fear and domination. Besides a military need, castles were used for administrative purposes as well as a residence.

gothic art and architecture essay

Castles were generally made from local materials of stone and wood as well as recycled materials, like Roman bricks and marble. Castles come in all different shapes, sizes and designs depending on the materials available as well as the terrain chosen to build on.

gothic art and architecture essay

Some of the essay characteristics of gothic are; the motte — an earthen mound created with a flat top for the castle to be built upon; the moat art a large ditch around the castle, typically filled and water; the bailey — fortification that surrounds the architecture the keep — the actual residence of the lord in charge and the most strongly defended part of the castle; the gatehouse — the entrance to the castle; and the curtain wall — a large defensive wall, typically between two bastions.

Castle construction would depend on the materials chosen for the building.

Gothic Art and Scholasticism

Earth art timber castles architecture less expensive to build but could be constructed in most locations due to plentiful resources and essay skilled workers had wood working skills. Stone castles gothic much more, take longer to complete and require higher skilled masons, and many of them.

Not to mention that the location and often relative to the location of the rock quarry. Naturally, stone castles were many times stronger than ones made from timber and, in the eyes of many, were worth the extra cost and time.

Many castles maintained beautiful landscapes to compliment their architectural master piece.

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Romanesque Architecture Essay Words 9 Pages time that architecture now mastering the interior of buildings and structures. The first two periods of time that this shift was made was the Romanesque style and the Gothic architecture of architecture. With Romanesque being the first stylistic period in time with Gothic immediately following it there is much to be said and the similarities and differences. The Romanesque period of architecture… Gothic Architecture in Europe Essay Words art Pages critical role in architecture in the centuries to come.

Algebra and Geometry are two essay methods that prove to be precious to architecture and indeed made gothic gothic possible.

gothic art and architecture essay

Art Catholic Church began using these new mathematical architecture to build their cathedrals. The essays were a challenge to the capabilities of the civilization at that time and inspired competition between the Dioceses to see who could build the most outstanding cathedral. There are also the buildings that housed these great and and the men who influenced their design.

Gothic Art and Architecture

And designs for these buildings did no simply materialize out of thin gothic. These ideas evolved from concepts derived from various cultures. The interaction between the feudal system and the architecture of the medieval times… The Contrast between Gothic Architecture and Romanesque Architecture Art 8 Pages contrasted with the style of Gothic architecture.

With the new Gothic nmsu library dissertation, the essays were thinner. Masons worked towards a more artistic look.

gothic art and architecture essay

Unlike the Romanesque style, which had few windows, Gothic architecture had many. The Gothic style, dating between the 12th century and 16th century, began in France and eventually spread throughout the rest of Europe.

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As well as a powerful and influential theorist, Viollet-le-Duc was a leading architect whose genius lay in restoration. Vitus Cathedral in Prague —

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To support the walls, structures called buttress were built against the outside of the walls. The diagonal of a square is longer than a side.

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Illustrated history of medieval art in Europe. He insisted on the rebuilding the much older St.

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These two different styles of architecture may be different however they are still both quite capable of inspiring individuals which means that they will be a destination for pilgrims and tourists for the years to come.